Updated Action Tracks Papers from Scientific Group now available

The five Scientific Group Teams have updated their draft papers following comments from Food Systems Summit stakeholders and research communities. The papers will remain open for further comments until finalized after peer review.

» Read the Action Tracks Papers here

One thought on “Updated Action Tracks Papers from Scientific Group now available

  1. I congratulate the drafting team for putting together this paper.
    Comment on the proposed definition: The food systems Summit (FSS) is a real opportunity to be bold in bringing out the changes in food systems that would make healthy diets available to all. Although, the debate continues, it is good that the draft has included safeguarding planetary health as a component of the definition. Afterall, consumption drives production.
    Specific comments:
    1. The definition would read better as follows: A healthy diet is one that promotes human health, prevents disease and safeguards planetary health. Putting it this way gives it a stronger emphasis.
    2. Thanks for highlighting the affordability aspects of healthy diets. This is a real bottle neck to our quest for healthy diets. Unfortunately, the ingredients that contribute to HD are not affordable to over 3 billion people, globally. You need a paragraph on affordability of HD, emphasizing that making HD affordable requires policy decisions on the part of governments. You have paragraphs on nutritious and healthy foods, adequacy, food safety. Please do like wise for affordability of HD.
    3. Page 5- Challenges to establish “adequacy”.. Para2 line 8 please add average so it reads “…estimates of average nutrient requirements..”.
    4. Page 6 In addition to edible insects, please add indigenous foods. Many indigenous foods have not been analysed for their nutrient composition.
    5. Page 8 section 3 “With …green revolution, food costs, especially staple foods, have been kept relatively low…”.
    6. Page 8- Challenges towards sustainable food production. “The urgency… will require action on many fronts:. Please consider adding bolded text.

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