About us

The Scientific Group …

  • served as an independent and diverse group of leading researchers and scientists from around the world.
  • was responsible for ensuring the robustness, breadth and independence of the science that underpinned the Summit and its outcomes.
  • informed the Summit’s content, recommended outcomes, clarified the level of ambition and commitments that emerged from the Summit.
  • worked closely with other structures for the Food Systems Summit (see Terms of Reference of the Scientific Group and communications with UN leadership see at https://sc-fss2021.org/about-us/tor-and-letters-un-leadership/).
  • The Scientific Group served as planned until the end of 2021, and closed down thereafter. Reports of all Scientific Group meetings see at https://sc-fss2021.org/about-us/scientific-group-meetings/
  • As the UN Secretary General decided on a follow up process to the Summit, we at Center for Development Research (ZEF) at Bonn University, maintain this website and occasionally include new science related food systems information that relate to the Summit follow up.