Side-Events to the Science Days for the UN Food Systems Summit 2021

05-07 July 2021

Virtual events

In the lead-up to Science Days and the UN Foods Systems Summit 2021, the side-events will offer an opportunity for partners to present their insights on science, technologies and innovations that can drive food systems transformation.


The side-event organizers are encouraged to schedule their events on the days preceding the Science Days, i.e. on 05-07 July. Typically a side event lasts for 90 minutes. The organizers are welcome to set the specific time (bearing in mind global time zones and target audiences).

Open for all

The side-events are open for all research and knowledge organizations that are interested or engaged in the Food Systems Summit processes, but need to fulfil some simple criteria to be registered as “Side Events of the Science Days for the UN Food Systems Summit” on the website of the Scientific Group for the Food Systems Summit. The Event organizers must adhere to these criteria:

  1. Led by at least 2 organizations (showcasing partnership between different institutions and categories, e.g. academics, research centers, grassroots innovators, traditional and indigenous knowledge holders, or private sector, etc.) with at least 1 organization from low- and middle-income countries.
  2. Speakers lists must be balanced in terms of gender and geography
  3. For each side-event, conveners will be asked to submit
  • the completed form of expression of interest (attached)
  • a one-page flyer with program information ahead of the event; and
  • a one-page highlights note with key points/recommendations based on the discussion immediately following the event, which shall be posted on the Scientific Group and FAO websites, shared on social media and feed into the Science Days deliberations and reporting

We encourage to emphasize novelty / innovativeness of the topics and speakers and contribution and complementarity to the Science Days main event agenda on 8-9 July.

The submission form can be found here.

Technical aspects

  1. Side-Event lead organizers will set up the event in Zoom independently (the main Science Days program is in Zoom and therefore we ask to use Zoom also for the Side-Events).
  2. Side-events will be advertised to all registered participants of the Science Days; however, Side-event Organizers will manage the registration process for their Side-event independently.
  3. Side-events are considered part of the official Science Days event program and will be promoted alongside other event activities and materials on the Scientific Group’s as well as the FAO’s website. The information will be shared with the UNFSS communication team for dissemination among the broader UNFSS audience.
  4. Side-event organizers are encouraged to register their Side-event as an independent dialogue on the UNFSS website (


By 18 June: Submission of expression of interest

By 25 June: Submission of 1-page flyer

7 July: Submission of 1-page highlights note (and then posting on website) to be noted at Science Days July 8 & 9

Submissions will be reviewed as they are received.