Follow up to UNFSS in Asia

Joachim von Braun gave a presentation in the webinar on “Asia and the Pacific Regional Dialogue on Science and Technology for a Sustainable Food System: Role of Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy for Transforming Food Systems in Asia-Pacific and around the World” on June 16, 2022.

Joachim von Braun’s theme was “Key insights from the Food Systems Summit that are highly relevant for policymakers and for the general public at large”.  The PPT is attached.

This event by Office of National Higher Education Science Research, and Innovation Policy Council (NXPO) aimed to describe the role of STI in transforming the food system as well as to highlight the importance of cooperation among partners in the Asia and the Pacific region and around the world through knowledge sharing sessions to develop STI approaches for achieving sustainable food systems as part of actions to end hunger, achieve food security, and improve nutrition by 2030. In Thailand, the Bio-Circular-Green Economy (BCG) model has been introduced as a model for inclusive and sustainable growth. It is a growth model perceived to enable the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the promotion of sustainable agriculture, clean energy and responsible consumption and production, ensuring the conservation and sustainable utilization of biodiversity, and protecting the environment and ecosystem.

In addition, this event was part of a seminar series of Asia and the Pacific Regional Dialogue on Science and Technology for a Sustainable Food System. Conclusions reached in this session will be presented at the APEC Tech to Biz which will be held in Bangkok during 10-12 October 2022.

Please have a look at the presentation files from the guest speakers and video recording of the event: