Article on the UNFSS in Nature

Chair and Vice Chairs of the Scientific Group, Joachim von Braun, Kaosar Afsana, Louise Fresco and Mohamed Hassan published today a comprehensive article on the UNFSS in Nature.

“Food systems: seven priorities to end hunger and protect the planet … Here’s how the United Nations should harness science and technology to improve nutrition and safeguard the environment“ they highlight: 1- End hunger and improve diets, 2- De-risk food systems, 3- Protect equality and rights, 4- Boost bioscience, 5- Protect resources, 6- Sustain aquatic foods, 7- Harness digital technology. As actions for implementation they propose a) boost finance (1% of Food GDP for science, a special fund, food systems bonds); b) increased scientific capacity; and most significantly c) an intergovernmental convention on food systems, analogous to the conventions on climate, with a strong independent scientific body that provides policy advice in the follow-up to the summit.
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The Comment draws on strategic reports by the Scientific Group for the UNFSS.

The Scientific Group for the UN Food Systems Summit, appointed by UN leadership, is an independent group of 28 leading researchers and scientists from around the world. It is responsible for ensuring the robustness, breadth and independence of the science that underpins the Summit and its outcomes.