Joachim von Braun, Chair of the Science Group for the UN Food Systems Summit, presented a seminar at the Academy of Global Food Economics and Policy at China Agricultural University on June 2nd

The Dean of the Academy Prof Shenggen Fan chaired the meeting attended by a large group of researchers and policy advisors.

Joachim von Braun highlighted the important role of science incl. social sciences for the evidence based emerging agenda of the Food Systems Summit (read presentation). He emphasized the need to pay attention to different perspectives of countries and regions by drawing attention to insightful background Briefs from partners of the Scientific Group from China, India, Russia and Europe, and the important role of sharing China’s tremendous experience in food systems transformations.

Opening commentaries were contributed by Prof Jikun Huang, China Center for Agricultural Policy (CCAP), School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences, Peking University, and by Prof. Fengying Nie, Director, Agricultural Information Institute (AII), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences who is also a member of the Advisory Group to the UN Food Systems Summit.