Cost of ending Hunger and True Costs of Food

On March 17th, 2021 Joachim von Braun – Chair of the Scientific Group for the Food Systems Summit – and Maximo Torero – Chief Economist of FAO and member of Scientific Group – presented to the “Group of Friends of the Food Systems Summit”, i.e. the Ambassadors and delegates of countries to the Rome based UN food organizations on “cost of ending hunger and the true / hidden cost of food” as well as progress in the Scientific Group’s work for the Summit. About 130 Ambassadors participated in the 2-hour session.

von Braun highlighted that Food Systems Summit actions need to focus on an optimal mix of investments adjusted to country circumstances “with a strong emphasis on science and innovation in agriculture, on women, and on social safety nets”.

Maximo Torero highlighted the important role of disaggregated global modelling that captures local contexts for priority setting of policy and program actions.

“Investment Costs and Policy Action for Reaching a World without Hunger (SDG 2)”
» Presentation of Joachim von Braun and Maximo Torero